The Diary of Ic Explura Part 2: Daughter of The Flood

by The Diary Of Ic Explura

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Produced by Toni Oswald & Max Davies
Music by Toni Oswald & Max Davies
Lyrics by Toni Oswald


released April 17, 2011

Recorded in Nevada City, CA & Boulder, CO, 2010-2011
Toni Oswald
Max Davies
Pete Newsom
Hagan Caldwell
Roberta Davies
Engineered, mixed and mastered: M. Davies.
Album photo: M. Davies
All individual track art work from the book: The Diary of Ic Explura- A Love Letter to the Transformer by Toni R. Oswald.

Thank you: Pete, Hagan, and Roberta for playing. John Frusciante, for naming Ic. Carmen Hawk, for supporting me along the way in this project. Josh Klinghoffer, for getting the ball rolling. The forces of the stars for opening Ic's world to this dimension. Peter DeHaas, Jon Stubbs, Dan Elkan, and Nathaniel Hunt for their support. Scott Walker, Syd Barrett, Genesis and Robert Fripp.
Toni would like to give a very special thanks to Max Davies for his endless love and support, I couldn't do it without you.



all rights reserved


Toni Oswald Colorado

There is a clear window of new types of energy and shapes in sound coming from Toni Oswald and Max Davies. ~Sound and Color Vibration Magazine

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Track Name: Le Bateau De Rêves
The stairs
The stairs in my hair
Long red rays
A constant face
hidden by the earth and churning foam
churning foam

This night we admired another wave
Are you listening?
Can you remember everything I tell you?
We are the waves
Some of the rhythms shaped to love you
We are honeycomb and clay
Graces of the wind and toil
So much strength
We are
We are
We are the slowness of people caught in time
This a place

Your mouth is dropping endlessly
As if I were spoken with a fragrance of all the world
In a purity that resurrected the seaweed's delirium,
hi-tide, the delicate thorn and polished fish
They made us in this instant
Condemned us to forever
That vague pact we cannot remember
We cannot remember
We cannot remember

But summertime will roll the lovers
splitting the tree
Just as pure-line ultramarine will be born in the water
You taking branches from the sea
Double cup apocalyptic-ally
Their roots are clusters of things impossible to see
Lost in the memories of oblivion
Fare thee well
There is no me now
There is no you
Nor us
O come away
O come away
O come away...
Track Name: The One's I Love Are Very Powerful
The one's I love are very powerful
Whispering out about the madness
Letting go of strangeness
I let the slow on
Slow on
slow on
slow on
Slip off
slip off
slip off the fastness
yeah sister
Modern shadows
so beautiful

We are not your children anymore
Appearing before your committees
Letting go of falseness
We turn the smile on
smile on
smile on
smile on
Slip off
slip off
slip off the fastness
yeah sister

Hey now come on
come on
Hey now turn on
turn on
Hey now come on
come on
Shoot me into infinity
shoot me into infinity
shoot me into infinity
shoot me into infinity
shoot me into infinity
shoot me into infinity
shoot me into infinity
Track Name: On The Lawns of Morpheus
She appealed to her voices
While singing in her dreams
The willows are waking
Weary ones always sleep
Out comes the nightshade
Reverse the day down
Follow yonder horseman
It's his game now

Watching over shadows
Dissolving to form light
Dream fortune Morpheus slowing
The lawns are long tonight

Step into the water
Out comes the ground
From where you are standing
You're going down, down, down
Your innocence is drowning
Better run, run, run, run, run
Follow yonder horseman
You gotta get in to get out

Watching over shadows
Dissolving to form light
Dream fortune Morpheus slowing
The lawns are long tonight...
Track Name: Former Tides
The famous ones have taken you away
By deed alone, it does not make them great
Their shiny smiles betray their hidden face
Remember little lands and find your way

Long ago when we were very still
We opened magic kingdoms that were real
Endless rivers and the shape of things
I remember when the sun was born

In the life you've chose you're alone
Forget the lie and find your way back home
Remember all that glitters is not gold
Remember all that glitters is not gold

Turn your back
Turn your back
O turn your back
Track Name: The Valley of the Tears (in 3 parts)
Part One: All My Pretty Trash

Horse bit in
Teeth clenched
The rake of nerves makes lines
down my spine
Subtle sickness
I will break you, break you, break you
Broken mirror
Tireless snail
Nothing harms me like my head
Nothing comforts but my death
And you who are Saturnine
Will know the score melodiously
All movements gather six stages
The seventh brings return
The seventh brings return
the seventh brings return

Part Two: The Pussyflower Girl's Advice

You have believed too much in your mind's perceptions
and become imprisoned by these illusions
that seem real, but in fact all things are constantly changing, and evolving, and devolving, and therefore temporary.
Great beauty and endless love are all around you
and it is your own ability to connect and reflect with all of eternity that makes these gifts apparent.
The Transformer wore a coat of mirrors when yo first met, to remind you that everything you saw in him was a reflection of yourself.
We are all one.
We are all love.
Let us pluck your memory circuit, so you may see things as they truly are.
In absolute love, we will tear your dragons down.

Part Three: Transcending the Ghost

We are flowing, we are still.
We are becoming, we are unbecoming.
We are stars, we are blackness.
We are nothing, we are everything.
We are all that ever was and will ever be.
We are repeating, we are changing.
We are hating, we are loving.
We are living, we are dying.
We are creating, we are destroying.
We are the truth, we are the lie.
We are descending, ascending, transcending.
Transcendent, transcendent, transcendent.
We are on and on and on and on and on...
Track Name: Invisible Influences
All these selves have vanished
We are just a dream
And we see her rising
the daughter of the flood

And so we meet again
You're a killer, I'm a killer too
The secret soul of things
the symbol is a circle

We have now gone nowhere
We change by breathing
And the truth is rising
in the palace of the tide

And so we meet again
I'm a a killer, You're a killer too
The secret soul of things
the symbol is a circle