The Diary of Ic Explura Part 1: A Loveletter to the Transformer

by The Diary Of Ic Explura

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Santiago de Olloqui it's unique, intimate, secret, magical worlds are in it, and it makes your world magical too.
A true Art piece. Favorite track: Black Fish Pearls.
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Part one of of the story of the adventures of Ic Explura. Based on a book entitled The Diary of Ic Explura: A Love Letter to the Transformer by Toni Oswald.


released June 2, 2011

Produced By: Toni Oswald & Josh Klinghoffer
Music: Toni Oswald & Josh Klinghoffer
Lyrics: Toni Oswald
Mixed by Josh Klinghoffer
Remastered by Max Davies
Artwerk: based on a photo by H. Caldwell.

Ic Thanks: Josh, John, that late phantom Kawai synthesizer that I loved and helped me to craft this record. Lou Reed, Brian Eno, David Bowie, Kate Bush, Hagan and my superhero Max Davies.



all rights reserved


Toni Oswald Colorado

There is a clear window of new types of energy and shapes in sound coming from Toni Oswald and Max Davies. ~Sound and Color Vibration Magazine

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Track Name: Space is Dawning
Sun is out
I rise up slowly
Hair's all done
Holy Moses
Floating, roaming,
Space is holy
I am here
And I am

I search out my breathing helmet
Hello starlight, glad to know you
Madness breaks
Starry, starry
Trace the phase that
Time is throwing you.

Floating out
I am electric
Starry thighs
And well hung smile
On my knees
I'm sucking fiction
Have you ever tried this feeling?

Blossom City
Looks so tiny
So long, fare well
Maybe I could be something better than me.
Track Name: The Longing
Inside this forming
I can see out
Height takes its warning
Let this play out

Below the yearning
I can feel you
Luck could be forming
Lay it on me.

Say come on
Say come on
Say come on
Down into me

Say come on
Say come on
Say come on
Down into me

Fortune comes calling
I'm coming to you
Focus this fate
I'm inside the clue

Feel my sensation
I really want you.
Track Name: Black Fish Pearls
Hunting out for black fish pearls
Warming up between these sails
Helicopter closing in
Look here my covering's thin
Underneath this yellow dress
My feathers they float
Side by side
the lines design
I've now become a spoke
Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh
Track Name: The Mirrors & Him
Hey hey hey hey hey x2
And I know
Sticking out
It's a shame
The way in me
I'm a slave
Can you
Imagine today?
Hey you remain
He refrains
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey

Hey hey hey hey hey x2
And I know
Looking out
It's a maze
The itch in me
Puzzle piece
I'm afraid
Can you
Imagine the game?
Hey you play safe
Lose some way
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey

Hey hey hey hey hey x2
And I know
Feeling free
It's a place
The nerve in me
I'm a space
Can you
Imagine the grave?
Hey you remain
He is grace
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey
Hey hey hey hey hey hey hey